International Hydrofoil Society…

Purposes and Activities of the International Hydrofoil Society
(Last Update 26 Nov 02)

Join with other hydrofoilers to…

  • Provide a source of authoritative education and advice on hydrofoil history, technology, and application.
  • Advance the state of the art of hydrofoil technology.
  • Stimulate development of new designs for hydrofoils and their subsystems.
  • Introduce new ideas for hydrofoil support, logistics, and affordability.
  • Stimulate professional interest in hydrofoil commercial, military, and hobby applications.
  • Stimulate amateur interest in designing and building motor, sail, and human-powered hydrofoil craft, including models.
  • Assist in establishing and refining regulations to ensure that hydrofoils are operated safely.
  • Foster hydrofoil technology, design, and applications in school curricula and student projects.
  • Keep abreast of hydrofoil news and technology developments.
  • Enjoy stimulating technical, professional, and social interactions and exchange with other hydrofoilers.
  • Record, preserve, and honor the achievements of hydrofoil pioneers and their craft.
  • Build and maintain a bibliography of hydrofoil related texts, technical papers, books, and magazine articles.
  • Build and maintain an interactive website that fosters and enables the purposes of the society

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International Website

The world’s premier site for exchange of hydrofoil related news, information, and correspondence. It all starts and ends here. Upon request, members have their link added to the IHS Links Page in the Links to members’ websites section. An automated Bulletin Board (BBS) is the center for exchange of correspondence. Members receive automated notification by email of new postings on the BBS (this can be turned off at the individual member’s option)

Local Meetings

Arranged in locations where there is sufficient interest in hydrofoils to make such meetings possible. IHS meetings normally include a presentation of interest to the profession (advance notice of meetings appears in the announcements page).

International Newsletter

Published four times per year to present current and historical hydrofoil-related information, as well as IHS news and correspondence. Members have their choice of format: hard copy by mail or electronic copy by internet. A free sample copy is available from the IHS main page.

Annual Meeting

Held in the Spring of each year. Presents IHS business issues to the membership, presents newly elected members of the Board of Directors, and recognizes selected individuals who have been outstanding in their contributions to hydrofoils.

Cooperation With Other Professionals

IHS cooperates with the Society of Naval and Marine Engineers SD-5 Panel, the US Hovercraft Society, and other professional societies, universities, companies, and organizations dedicated to the advancement and distribution of knowledge related to Advanced Marine Vehicles (AMVs) vehicles. This includes the sponsorship of international symposia.

Recognition and Awards

IHS presents awards to individuals for their outstanding contributions to the world of hydrofoils.

Membership List

Password protected and accessible to members only except as provided for in the mailing list policy.

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