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Picture postcard with first day of issue hydrofoil stamp, postmarked 14 Feb 1979, Sydney Australia, carried aboard hydrofoil CURL CURL. “One of a fleet of hydrofoils operating from Sydney to Manly, covering the 11 kilometers in 15 minutes. Can carry up to 140 passengers. Stamp printed by the Note Issue Dept. of the reserve Bank of Australia, Melbourne.”
Picture post card, “Manley Hydrofoil on Sydney Harbour, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.” David Messent Photography (no date)
Picture postcard, “Popular hydrofoil LONG REEF skims over the waters of Sydney Harbour.” No date.
Postcard issued by Nucolorvue Productions Pty Ltd of Australia. The undated photo is by G. Lockwood and the blurb simply reads: “Sydney – New South Wales – Hydrofoil Passing the Sydney Opera House.”

It is clear from the original that the hydrofoil is Rodriquez PT 50 LONG REEF

Picture postcard, FAIRLIGHT , “Hydrofoil to Manley, N.S.W.”
No date

Picture post card, Rodriquez PT 50 FAIRLIGHT, scan by Ian Wrenford
Postcard showing Boeing Jetfoil owned by TOWNSEND THORESEN in Dover
The hydrofoil SEA WING was as thrilling to see as this postcard from the late 1970s depicts. It operated as a ferry for a short time, running from Pt. Judith on the mainland to Block Island, Rhode Island. Here the ferry has entered — at full tilt, up on its foils — through the breakwaters at Old Harbor on Block Island. Once power was decreased, the ferry seemed to stop on a dime — fortunately.
P & O Jet Ferries, Flying Princess, London-Zeebruge. “The first European Jetfoil Service” Dated 1977
A postcard of the Meteor hydrofoil ‘Flying Dutchman’ which operates tourist trips around Rotterdam harbour in the Netherlands during the summer months. The postcard is available from the operators of the hydrofoil at the ‘Hydroport’ where the hydrofoil is berthed. This is a short walk from the Euromast viewing tower.
A vintage and unused postcard, a real photograph by Bromofoto (Milan) of the Hydrofoil on Lake Garda Freccia del Garda – dates back to the 1950s
Poastcard showing two Red Funnel vessels in Southampton. The hydrofoil is Shearwater 6 a Rodriquez RHS 70, the other is an FBM Solent class catamaran Red Jet 2.
Sent by Neil Newman

Poastcard showing S/S DIOMEDEA a 173 ton hydrofoil owned by Adriatica Navigazione, who had these postcards printed.

Any more information about these hydrofoils, or pictures of any stamps showing hydrofoils would be very welcome. Please send them to the photo archivist

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