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Guernsey Hydrofoil Stamp, one of five in an Inter-Island Transportation series issued in 1981. Guernsey is situated in the Gulf of St Malo, 50km (30 miles) from the coast of France and 130km (80 miles) from the south coast of England.
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1972 Hungarian Stamp, showing a Meteor
Hungarian Stamp, showing a hydrofoil
1983 Soviet Russian stamp showing hydrofoil with view of Rostov-on-Don
Guernsey Stamp, Europa Issue of 19th Oct 1964
Guernsey Stamp, Definitive Issue of 2nd Jan 1965
Sheet of seven plus label from Antigua
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British Virgin Islands, set of 17
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Canadian Millenium stamp showing Alexander Graham Bell and his hydrofoil HD-4
Small image of sheet of 4 stamps.

Large image of just this stamp.

Macau /Macao 1986 stamp showing hydrofoil.
Full size picture
Macau /Macao 1986 SHIP Jetfoil
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Sheet of 50
Jersey stamp showing RHS 160F operated by Condor
Information from gutter of full sheet:-JERSEY EUROPA 1988 Transport and Communication
Sea Transport – Here the accent is on the environmentally popular fast hydrofoil service operating between Jersey and St.Malo, with connection to Guernsey and Weymouth (on which route a new 406-seat high speed waterjet catamaran, the first of its type, and capable of cruising at 36  knots, is also soon to be introduced). Journey time to St.Malo from Jersey is 70 minutes, and landmarks of both provide a composite skyline as background to the hydrofoil currently in service.

Italy 1977 Italian Ship-Building set of 4 170 lire stamps

  • Paddle-Steamer Ferdinando Primo
  • Corvette Carracciolo
  • Liner Saturnia
  • Hydrofoil Gunboat Sparviero

Kampuchea 1988 showing a Jetfoil

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