Commemorative Covers

Commemorative Covers

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Commemorative cover for the first passenger hydrofoil service in the UK, 5th May 1969

Commemorative cover and stamps for Curl Curl in Sydney, Australia. 14th Feb 1979
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Commemorative cover for the first hydrofoil service in the Germany in March 1977
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March 21st 1977

Hydrofoil 1961 Maiden Voyage Cover Set
Set of 2 unaddressed, cacheted covers carried on the March 1961 Maiden Voyage of Flying Fish, the first commercial hydrofoil passenger service in North America. Cachets depict the Flying Fish hydrofoil craft and are postmarked upon arrival at Bellingham, Washington, & Victoria, British Columbia on March 19th 1961.

A cover postmarked in Port Everglades, Florida, from
USS PEGASUS, PHM-1 October 22nd 1984

A cover postmarked in Port Everglades, Florida, from
USS HERCULES, PHM-2 February 14th 1984

A cover postmarked in Port Everglades, Florida, from
USS AQUILA, PHM-4 May 3rd 1983

A cover postmarked in Port Everglades, Florida, from
USS ARIES, PHM-5 August 15th 1983

A cover postmarked in Port Everglades, Florida, from
USS GEMINI, PHM-6 February 14th 1984

Cover commemorating the launch of USS PEGASUS, PHM-1 by Boeing Corp.,
November 9th 1974.

Cover commemorating the decommissioning of USS AQUILA, PHM-4
July 30th 1993

Cover of 23rd Sep 1977 honors Italian naval construction and features a stamp depicting the military SPARVIERO class hydrofoil SWORDFISH (P-420) designed and built by Alinavi, SpA.
Picture of the ship

This 1969 cover commemorates the Vienna-Budapest hydrofoil route.
Cover sent from Tucumcari 27th June 1973
Hong Kong cover. 6th June 1991
Description by Brandon Burge Autographs, UACC Registered Dealer RD209:
1974 first day cover, numbered on reverse, only 250 produced. Dedicated to the Inaugural Flight of the Hydrofoil Ship RAKETA GREENWICH, from Tower Bridge to Westminster and Back again. Following the christening by Mrs Pamela Prescott in the presence of The Lord Mayor of Westminster, the Soviet Ambassador and Rt Hon John Prescott MP., signed by the Captain, J White, Pamela Prescott and John Prescott MP. Only a few of the 250 covers were signed by this trio, making this a scarce item.
30th May 1974

Any more information about these hydrofoils, or pictures of any stamps showing hydrofoils would be very welcome. Please send them to the photo archivist

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