Hydrofoils Around the World

Hydrofoils Around the World

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“LOOKER 350” Russian-Built Hydrofoil-Assisted High-Speed Glass-Bottom Boat (appeared in our 2009 3rd Quarter Newsletter), Here is a much-improved photo — The specifications that are readily available at http://www.paritetboat.com/glass_bottom_boat_looker_35_gal.htm. xxx
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– Growth version of
(Grumman built three for Israel)
More information




SPARVIERO, Italian version of TUCUMCARI.
More information & more photos
Futher information about this class can be found at http://web.ukonline.co.uk/aj.cashmore/italy/italian-fac.html
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Saudi Royal Yacht
Al Azizah is the Saudi Royal Yaucht Ordered in 1984 from Boeing, Seattle via Lockheed; delivered in August 1985. Mostly used as a tender to the Royal Yachts.”Watching the video, you will find the place for the Royal Saudi Shield on the hydrofoil, at the top of both exhaust stacks at the aft end of the boat. Yes, they did this test voyage with the seal not painted yet for reasons of privacy as per their request. Also may have something to do with the fact that the painted emblem is done with 24 carat paint…. The price of the boat was around 70 Million.Click on far right for movie
Saudi Saudi


H.M.S. Speedy, a modified Jetfoil that was used by the British Navy in the fisheries protection role.

Russian KATRAN-1 built by Volga Shipyard and operated by Virgin Hydrofoil Services in the Virgin Islands.
Westamarin FOILCAT
Kvaerner-Fjellstrand FOIL CAT
– A “low-flying” catamaran, supported by fully-submerged foils.
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One of two Kolihidas operated on trips from Slovenia and Croatia to Venice by www.topline.si


These Russian hydrofoils operate from Amsterdam to Ijmuiden on a commuter schedule of every half hour. More information

METEOR-91 & METEOR-75 somewhere on upper Volga in Russia.

METEOR on Yantze river in China.

METEOR monument located at the Alekseev’s Square in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.
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POLESYEThese boats are used on small rivers where bigger hydrofoils cannot navigate. More information
Russian VOLGA 70 Personal Hydrofoil
More information and pictures of several examples.
Russian DOLPHIN Sea-going hydrofoil boat designed for pleasure and business trips, as well as for water-skiing. This boat is operated at up to 3 miles from the sea coast and up to 20 miles from refuge ports in daytime. Equipped with one Volvo-Penta AQAD 41A/290A, 150 hp engine, and an engine-operated 3-blade water propeller drive (adjustable hinged angular column). The hull is aluminum-magnesium alloy 1561 Volga Shipyard
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Russian Sarancha
More information
Russian Babochka More Information
Mitsubishi SUPER SHUTTLE 400
Harry T. Larsen’s TALARIA III
SPORTFOIL website – A Build-It-Yourself one-person hydrofoil that takes an outboard motor of 4 to 10 hp, 12′ length. Plans available from the Back Yard Yacht Club for US$15.00.
PT 50
More information
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Porto Corsini, first of the RHS 70 Hydrofoil 33-ton off-shore drilling platform supply vessels. The craft has been built for ENI, the Italian oil ciompany and is seen operating from one of the company’s drilling platforms. Loads of up to 3 tons can be carried on the open cargo deck aft of the bridge structure. Cruising speed with normal payload is 32 knots. (Information from the 1974/75 issue of Jane’s Surface Skimmers)
Shearwater 6, an RHS 70
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A Rodriquez RHS-150 waiting for its next trip to Reggio de Calabria. Photos taken by Lorenzo Bonasera in January 1997
More information and 2 photos
The Rodriquez RHS-160 series, of which CERES is an example, is a 101-foot long hydrofoil configured to carry from 160 to 200 passengers. More information
Rodriquez MEC1. The MEC1 hydrofoil was an attempt made by Rodriquez to eliminate the transmission shaft. Power was delivered to the propeller via high pressure hydraulic oil. More information & several photos
Helmut Kock’s Hydrofoiling Experiences Hydrofoil craft designed and built by Helmut Kock in the 1960s are still in service around the world today. Click here to read a brief but fascinating autobiographical summary.
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CAMIGUIN and SEQUIJOR These are a derivative of the PT20 that has been built in a military version. Only two units have been built during 1985 for the Philippines Navy. They have been armed in the Philippines and used as costal patrol vessels.
PT4 variant Built by Porthleven Shipyard Limited Porthleven Cornwall. In 1966 the model PT4 Hydrofoil was built as a patrol boat, but unlike this hydrofoil only had a small cockpit which would carry only 4 people. This has had a custom top built and can carry 18 people. She is 30 feet long and powered by a 440 Chrysler V8. Running in New Zealand.



This 1983 Russian built Voshkod was for sale in Albania

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Westfoil, built in Westport, Washington by a group including at least one ex-Boeing Marine Systems engineer (Robert Gornstein). She is now in Honolulu Hawaii, owned by Pacific Marine. These pictures were taken there in December 1997. She is powered by two diesels that run two cut down C-130 propellers, mounted above the cabin.

Pacific Marine Midfoil, taken in December 1997. She is a hybrid – a partially buoyant hydrofoil, similar in layout to Grunberg’s hydrofoil. Development thought to have been funded by ONR and first flown in about 1998. As built, she had two diesels powering propellers driven by long geared shafts.

Superfoil 40
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