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95' FOILCAT for sale: 150 passenger hydrofoil assisted catamaran;
L=95', B=27', D=12'; Speed 50 knots max, 45 knots service speed in calm water, 38 knot service speed in SS4; 2ea MTU 16-396 2000kw engines with recent W-5 overhaul; Vessel in service in Hawaii; Contact Eric Schiff (+1) 808 531-7001 ext. 25,

Posted 30.01.99 on
4 KOLKHIDA hydrofoils, 150 passengers
L=34.5m, B=10.3m, D=3.5m, 1990 & 1992
German Made Engines 2 x 960kW, 35 knots, Range 280 miles
They are priced at $800.000 each. All 4 would bring a generous discount
Probably not well maintained - Operated in Africa
To enquire further email


Hydrofoils for sale that we don't have pictures for.

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