Length of Hull 26 ft, 7.92 m.
Overall width 21 ft, 6,4 m
Sail Area 230 sqft, 21,37 m2
Weight hull approx. 800 lbs, 360kg
Flying height approx 2ft 6 inch, 0,76 m
Take-off speed approx 9.5 kn, 5 m/s
Take-off wind speed 13 kn, B5
Top speed 30.4 / 38 kn, 15 / 19 m/s
Number of crew 2
Automatic trim regulation
Rolling moment partly compensated by differential; adjustment of foil angles.
All foil incidence angles adjustable in flight.
Estimated price of production model USD 20.000 - (1957!)

Data taken from Research Reviews August 1957

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