C-Class catamaran

Description from Ben Bacque, September 2007

Fred Eaton (and Magnus Clarke) of Toronto, Canada is mounting a challenge to the current reigning C-Class catamaran Cogito, built by Steve Clark.

One of Fred's boats is a wingsail cat-foiler, aptly named "Off Yer Rocker". Some pictures I got off the Sailing Anarchy website discussion groups are below.

An interview with Fred can be found at: http://www.sailinganarchy.com/fringe/2007/AC%20Andidote.htm

The event will be held on Sept 17-23 at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club: www.rcyc.ca

Note that for two of the pics the current reigning Moth-foiler champion Rohan Veal is at the helm, helping to work out some of the finer points of tuning a foiler.

Ben Bacque
Ottawa, Canada

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