Model of Bell and Casey's HD-4 Hydrodrome built by Dave Acker and described in an article in "Model Shipbuilder" magazine, No.118, Mar/Apr 99. The builder's starting point was the kit available from Easy Built Models, 1851 Dutch Road, Fairview PA 16415 USA, phone +1 814-474-9110, website: Dave Acker "improved" on the model kit in several ways to increase the sturdiness of the finished product. The HD-4, which set a world speed record of 70.86 mph in 1919, was an outgrowth of Alexander Graham Bell's early flight experiments with man-lifting tetrahedral kites. Subsequently, hydrofoil development became a separate area of inquiry catalyzed when Bell met Luigi Forlanini, the hydrofoil pioneer, in Italy and rode in his ladder foil boat.



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