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Last updated: September 3, 2013

KEY WEST Books and Attractions forVisitors to IHS Navy Hydrofoiler's Reunion
Key West Chamber of Commerce
Key West Books
Hydrofoil Books
Golfing in Key West
The Rum Barrel Bar & Grill
Hydrofoil Photos / Info.


log1 Key West Chamber of Commerce
  • Last updated: September 3, 2013

    Chamber of Commerce Web Site Home Page

    (Download Maps etc. here)


  • Last updated: September 3, 2013

    Golfing during the HYDROFOIL REUNION




     Key  West G. C. ,

    6450 E. College Rd.  

    Phone: 305-294-5232


    Tee times may be arranged at the above phone number up to 30 day prior to play.   

    You may call any day of the week, including the day of play.


    Greens Fee (Inc Cart) :         18 holes 

    Twilight  (after 1330)

    Juniors under 18
    Non-playing  rider
    Club rental 



    A driving range is available at  at $8 per bucket.

    (Click here to go to their Web Site)


    My name is Bobby K. Kuchinsky and had some great friends stationed in Key West with PHMRON 2.
    I am the GM of The Rum Barrel Bar & Grill and would like to offer our restaurant in anyway to the Hydrofoil Reunion.

    Please tell your guests that we always offer a 20% discount to all active and retired military personnel at The Rum Barrel as a thank you for their service.

  • log1Key West Summer Reading Books

  • Last updated: September 3, 2013


    Click here to DOWNLOAD an Adobe PDF Book List

    Available via your local library or Amazon.




    1. 2     (Mick Murphy) Key West Mysteries
      1. Chasing the Wind (Jan 2011)
      2. Tijuana Weekend  (Feb 2011)
      3. Free Range Institution  (Mar 2011)
      4. Revenge  (June 2011)
      5. Stairway to the Bottom  (Nov 2011)
      6. Vampire Slayer Murdered in Key West (Short stories) (Oct 2012)


    1. CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90      (Laurence Shames) Key West Mysteries
      1. The Naked Detective  (June 2011)
      2. Welcome to Paradise  (June 2011)
      3. Mangrove Squeeze (Nov 2011)
      4. Virgin Heat  (June 2011)
      5. Sunburn  (June 2011)
      6. Tropical Depression (June 2011)
      7. Scavenger Reef (April 2012)


    1. 6      (Mike Pettit) Jack Marsh Action Series
      1. Key West Smackdown (Jan 2013)
      2. Key West Bounce (Jan 2013)
      3. Key West Drop  (Jan 2013)
    2. CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90        (Lucy Burdette) Key West Food Critic Series
      1. An Appetite for Murder (Jan 2012)
      2. Death in Four Courses  (Sept 2012)
      3. Topped Chef (May 2013)


    1. 10       (Wayne Gales, Lisa Owens and Corryn Young) Bric Wahl Series
      1. Key West Camouflage – Hide in Plain Site
      2. Treasure Key – Too Close to Key West – Too Far From Reality


    1. 12       (Robert Tacoma) Key Witch Series
      1. Key Wicked
      2. Key Witch


    1. 14          (Robert Tacoma) Taco Bob Series
      1. Key Lucky
      2. Key Weird
      3. Key Wierder
      4. Key Manatee


    1. 16          (Robert Tacoma) Florida Keys Series
      1. Key Dali


    1. 18           (Anthony Bjorklund) Di Island Song Series 
      1. I’m Going to Live My Life Like a Jimmy Buffet Song (Mar 2011)
      2. Jack and Di Rum Song  (Oct 2011)
      3. Let the Song of Change Blow Over My Head  (Jul 2012)
      4. I just had to go back to Di Island (Feb 2013)


    1. 20          (Bill Myers) Mango Bob Series
      1. Mango Bob (April 2012)
      2. Mango Lucky (August 2012)


    1. 22             Other (Includes romances)
      1. Covering Buffet (Steve Sanders, Sept 2012)
      2. The Road to Key West  (Michael Reisig & Chris Warner, April 15, 2010)
      3. Hurricanes and Hangovers (Dear Miss Mermaid)
      4. The Spice Necklace:  My Adventures in Caribbean Cooking, Eating and Island Life  (Ann Vanderhoof, Nonfiction)







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    Last updated: April 11, 2013

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    log1 Hydrofoil Photos and general history

    Last updated: March 6, 2013


    US Navy PHMs and early R&D hydrofoils

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